Nafora Commodities Fund

Nafora Commodities Fund is a 100% discretionary long/short absolute return fund investing exclusively in listed commodity futures and options.

The Fund aims to provide strong and consistent returns in any kind of market configuration through active relative value and directional trading.

Investments are made through a broad range of commodities within the Grains, Softs, Energy and Precious Metals sectors with a focus on technical analysis. The Fund was launched in December 2013.

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Monthly fact sheet

Nafora Commodities Fund Presentation

Offering Memorandum



Nafora Global Macro Fund

Nafora Global Macro Fund invests in various sectors and financial instruments, from commodities to equities, currencies and bonds, and aims to provide absolute return performance to its investors. The fund’s discretionary strategy is based on fundamental analysis and trades mostly derivatives.

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Offering Memorandum

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